Adidas Made Game of Thrones Sneakers to Wear While You Watch More of Your Favorite Characters Die

At least your feet will be comfortable!

There’s been a load of Game of Thrones-themed products—Johnny Walker Scotch, Oreos, Monopoly—released ahead of the show’s final season. And Etsy is full of replicas of props from the show, like Jon Snow’s sword Longclaw, dragon eggs, and mini weirwood trees.

Adidas just teased a limited-edition collection (available March 22) of Ultra Boost 4.0 sneakers inspired by the hit HBO series. And they’re pretty badass.

game of thrones sneakers

The Adidas x Game of Thrones kicks are available in six versions each inspired by a different House or character. The “Targaryen Dragons” features a blaze of oranges and reds at the toe that fades to burnt black at the heel in a nod to the children of the Mother of Dragons. The silver-haired heroine also has her own version, “House Targaryen”—all white with silver stripes—both versions feature Dany’s house words on the heel, “Fire and Blood.” “House Lannister” is red with flecks of gold, the Adidas logo in gold, and the heel tab, the house words of the golden lions: “Hear Me Roar” (too bad they don’t play “The Rains of Castamere” while you jog).

The Night’s Watch gets a shoutout with its own version in black, of course; the oath was too long for the heel tab, so they settled for “Night’s Watch.” House Stark has its own shoe in Direwolf gray, with the Stark words on the heel: “Winter is Coming.” The tab on the “White Walker,” in shades of white and icy blue, corrects the Starks. It reads: “Winter is Here.”

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