This Abandoned Hospital In West Adams Has Been Transformed Into an Art Exhibition (PHOTOS)

Creepy and wonderful and beautiful all at the same time—not unlike life itself

Most people try to avoid spending time in hospitals—especially abandoned ones—but an immersive art exhibition inside of the former Los Angeles Metropolitan Medical Center in West Adams may change your mind about that. Human Conditiona massive show featuring the work of more than 80 artists, has to be seen to be believed.

Art by Lionel Sabatté

The 40,000-square-foot show spans three floors of the old hospital, which was shuttered in 2013 after allegations of criminal mismanagement and insurance fraud.

Art by Kendell Carter. Photograph by Natalie B. Compton.
Art by Kendell Carter

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Art by Brendan Getz
Art by Brendan Getz

“The building contains so much human emotion,” says curator John Wolf. “You subconsciously feel all of that when you’re going through the space, and it heightens the work when it’s hung here.”

Kim Simonsson
Art by Kim Simonsson

Walking through the whimsical yet spooky exhibition, it’s impossible to predict what’s around each and every corner. One room features autoclaves, which look like something used to incinerate people, but actually functioned as sterilizing chambers. Wolf says he picked the work for that room—by artist Kim Simonsson—based on how creepy it was.

Walking through the hospital. Photograph by Natalie B. Compton
Walking through the hospital

If you’re one of those people who’ve always wanted to live out American Horror Story: Asylum, now’s your chance. The show is open from 11 a.m.–6 p.m., Friday–Sunday, through the end of the month.

Los Angeles Metropolitan Medical Center, 2231 S. Western Ave., Los Angeles

Art by Adam Bram Straus. Photograph by Natalie B. Compton
Art by Michael Haight


Art by Mark Horowitz
Art by Mark Horowitz


Art by Mark Verabioff
Art by Mark Verabioff


Art by Amir H. Fallah
Art by Amir H. Fallah


Art by Max Hooper Schneider
Art by Max Hooper Schneider


A plant growing through the hospital floor
Art by Tony Matelli

Photographs by Natalie Compton. 

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