A New Day?


I became a 24 fan when I caught the first episode of the show’s third season. I became a 24 freak when I watched DVDs of the first and second seasons while traveling around Europe (nothing ups dramatic suspense quite like strange hotel rooms after dark and creaky housekeeping carts in the hall), and I became a 24 defender during it’s sixth season, when Jack’s attempt to once again save the U.S. from a nuclear attack had so many fans and critics yelling, Enough! During season 7, I just kept my mouth shut. To be honest, I let a few episodes TiVo, too.

So I couldn’t have been more excited to find myself legitimately excited (ears perked, eyes glued) when I saw Fox’s first trailer for season 8 last night. The preview opens with Jack holding a stuffed animal and asking his granddaughter to call him Grandpa. The terror alert moves to red from there, of course, but the promise of watching Jack explore and try to protect a new, pure relationship that actually matters to him (sorry Renee, but he could take or leave you) and will really get him shout-whispering got me hoping for the best. On January 17, I’ll be watching. Will you?