7 Stunning Airbnb Rentals You Can Book Right Now for a Memorial Day Staycation

We’ll see you poolside

The Dowager Countess, in her infinite priggishness, would never condone a three day weekend. But we all know that three days sans work is the stuff from which dreams are made. This weekend we’ll celebrate Memorial Day, meaning you’ve got 72 hours to live your best life outside of the confines of a cubicle. We suggest you make the most of it by grabbing some friends, renting an Airbnb on the opposite side of town (explore, bubble people!), and taking a full-blown mini-break holiday weekend right in your own city. Behold, seven glorious listings that are available right now:

Silver Lake

$185 per night


Photograph courtesy Airbnb

True life: Our blood pressure has gone down significantly just from looking at this photo. This bright garden bungalow sleeps four (GiRL’s WeEkEnD!) and is a ten-minute walk to the overpriced but delicious Intelligentsia coffee at Sunset Junction.


$332 per night


Photograph courtesy Airbnb

Eco-friendly types will be happy to know that this Venice spot is in a 100 percent sustainable building. It’s only eight blocks from the beach, but who cares because look at this pool/hot tub situation.


$350 per night


Photograph courtesy Airbnb

If ever you’ve dreamt of standing on a rolling ladder and soaring across a bookcase a la Belle from Beauty and the Beast, this loft is probably the closest you’ll get. Oh, there’s also a rooftop pool and jacuzzi.


$1767 per night


Photograph courtesy Airbnb

What’s that? You found some extra hundos in your couch cushions? Nice. Head up the coast to this “Modern Zen Retreat” in Malibu, then. If saltwater oceans aren’t your jam, hangout in the house’s saltwater pool. Or its movie theater. Or its hot tub.

Eagle Rock

$225 per night


Photograph courtesy Airbnb

If you’re slow on the uptake, news flash: Eagle Rock is rad, as is its neighbor, Highland Park. (If they’re good enough for Justin Timberlake, they’re good enough for you.)  Explore during the day, pick up groceries in the afternoon from a brand new Sprouts on Yosemite, then head back to this precious bungalow for a home cooked meal and all of the wine.

West Hollywood

$175 per night


Photograph courtesy Airbnb

Sorry, is this guesthouse in West Hollywood or a garden in the English countryside? Can’t tell.

Hollywood Hills

$395 per night


Photograph courtesy Airbnb

Three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a pool, and within binocular’s distance of someone famous (maybe).