7 Hybrid Fitness Regimens That Will Shake Up Your Winter Workouts

Fool-proof ways to prevent the scale from topping out at ho, ho, holy cow

Let us be the first to say it: ’Tis the season to banish your FitBit, embrace stretchy clothing, and pass on the kale chips in favor of peppermint bark. But those looking to offset well-deserved holiday splurging have the option to skip the January gym crush. We’ve scouted a series of innovative exercise mash-ups that will keep you sweat-isfied long into the new year—and may even lead to a resolution that has nothing to do with dropping pounds. Check out the chart below to find your new fitness obsession. fitness


Editor’s note: It has come to our attention that The Raven Spa no longer teaches AcroYoga classes. The Laughing Frog offers classes on Friday evenings. (The Laughing Frog, 2217 Santa Monica Blvd #202, Los Angeles).

Pictured above: visual and movement artist Ash Witham and AcroYoga instructor Chris Filkins