7 Great Things to Do (That Don’t Involve Fireworks) this Weekend

After the fireworks, here’s a little help planning the rest of your Fourth of July weekend

Once you’ve used our handy Fireworks Finder to figure out where you want to catch the light show, here’s a little help planning the rest of your 4th of July weekend.

Cartoons come to life. Expect cosplayers dressed like caped crusaders, anime-inspired bands, and an elaborately decorated maid café. More information (July 3-6; Los Angeles Convention Center)

ART: Red Tiki Lounge & RAD!
This double exhibition highlights the modern tiki paintings of Brad Parker and a bunch of works featuring, Radical Rick the cartoon creation of Damian Fulton. It’s a mix of Polynesian pop, surf, and BMX. The opening reception on the 4th of July will include a barbecue and live performances by the Insect Surfers. More information (July 4-27; La Luz de Jesus)

MOVIES: A Hard Day’s Night
The film about the Fab Four may be turning 50, but the antics of that era’s mop-topped rockers are as fresh as ever. More information (July 5-10, Cinefamily)

MUSIC: Stones Throw Picnic
As a premier purveyor of funk and hip-hop, Stones Throw fostered a community devoted to jams. Scions of the scene—DJ Peanut Butter Wolf, laid-back rapper Madlib, and keytar-wielding DaM-FunK—perform at a showcase concert for the record label. More information (July 5; California Plaza)

STYLE: Kimono for a Modern Age, 1900–1960
The collection of 20th-century kimonos melds more recent Western and Eastern traditions with space-age style, updating the ornate Japanese robes that date to the 8th century. More information (July 5-October 19; LACMA)

MOVIES: Eat, See, Hear: Jaws
The original Jaws was an instant classic. You can experience the terror during the Fourth of July weekend. Bring your dog, visit the food trucks, and enjoy live music beforehand. More information (July 5; The Autry)

ART: Pompeii: The Exhibition
With over 150 precious artifacts, from garden frescoes to gladiator armor, experience life in the former Roman city before a volcanic eruption destroyed it. The exhibition includes a CGI component that documents the catastrophe from the Romans’ point of view. More information (July 2-January 4, 2015; California Science Center)