6/9 Is Bill and Ted Day, So You Should Probably Enter This Excellent Contest

Trust us, dudes

ATTN: Most Excellent Compadres,

Today, June 9, has been unofficially declared Bill and Ted Day, because not all unofficial heroes wear capes.

The holiday has been observed for quite a few years now, but this year’s B & T Day has an added element of excellentness: thanks to L.A.-based Built Games, any and all fans of the 1989 cult comedy—which, need we remind you, takes place in San Dimas—will have the chance to become a character in the company’s forthcoming Bill and Ted video game. BUT HOW? Sheer determination, and probably some dumb luck.

At 6:09 a.m. this morning, Built Games released a YouTube video called “69 minutes of ‘69, Dudes!'” It’s exactly what it sounds like: 69 minutes of looped footage wherein Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter repeat the phrase “69, dudes!” over and over. Here is said video.

Hidden somewhere in that 69 minutes of looped footage is an Easter Egg that details how to enter a contest. The winner of the contest will be turned into a Bill and Ted video game character. (The contest runs for—you guessed it—69 hours. A winner will be chosen sometime in the month following).

So what’s the Easter Egg you should be hunting for? Great Q, but can’t tell you, because I only made it through 37 seconds of this video before wanting to remove my ear drums with a melon baller. Which is why this contest isn’t for weaklings like me.

Godspeed, dudes!