6 Must See L.A. Bands at SXSW

From gritty desert rock to smooth as butter rap, L.A. is on top of SXSW this year

Bands and musicians across the globe are making their annual pilgrimage to Austin for a week’s worth of music at SXSW. Included in the music showdown is our fine city of Los Angeles. Boasting a large portion of the bands showcasing at SXSW, L.A. delivers acts from all sides of the genre spectrum. From punk rock and indie pop, to hip hop and psychedelic rock, below are six Los Angeles bands you need to see at SXSW 2015.

1. Death Valley Girls
Led by the pint-sized Bonnie Bloomgarden comes the East L.A. based band, Death Valley Girls. Without a doubt, this little lady is the leader of her pack. With a guitar in hand and a snotty vocal grit, she commands your attention like a desert banshee on the prowl. The band comes full circle playing that yesteryear garage rock sound with thrashing drums and nasty guitar licks that will shake, rattle and roll your bones. While most Death Valley Girls songs are fueled by head-bopping rock ‘n’ roll, the band can tone it down a notch and deliver some Shangri-Las-esque ballads. Catch their SXSW show on March 20 at Hotel Vegas.

2. Avid Dancer
With the release of his addictive debut EP I Want To See You Dance, Avid Dancer (aka Jacob Dillan Summers) has been infatuating Angelenos with his smooth, electrifying tunes. From channeling the vibrant sounds of David Bowie to melting hearts with downtempo pop songs, Avid Dancer is all the indie pop flavors in one cone. Avid Dancer’s debut LP 1st Bath is out in April via Grand Jury, but you can catch a dose of new songs at his SXSW date on March 20 at Parish.

3. Corners
Percolating through much of East Los Angeles with the dark sounds of the 80s post-punk era, Corners is a joyride through all things dark and cool. Their music can be a spaced out psychedelic trip, while other songs have a haunting synth-driven sound fit to score a Tim Burton flick. Not only do Corners’ tunes sound brilliant on their album, but they translate very well live. Watch their SXSW show at Hotel Vegas on March 18.

4. Casey Veggies
One of the hottest up-and-comers in hip hop and a founding member of OFWGKTA, Casey Veggies is only 21 and already running game in Los Angeles. Smooth as butter, the Inglewood-bred rapper can spin flows over any beat making for a most solid hip hop sound. His tracks are full of rhythm and are sure to get everyone moving at his upcoming SXSW dates.

5. Dead Sara
It’s bands like Dead Sara that keep the spirit of the Sunset Strip alive. Fronted by the vocally ferocious Emily Armstrong, Dead Sara deliver straight up hard rock ‘n’ roll. Their live show explodes with raw energy unlike any other, inducing crowd surfing, stage dives and head-banging. Dead Sara will release their new album Pleasure To Meet You on March 31 via Pocket Kid Records. Expect to hear some new songs at their SXSW date.

6. The Two Tens
They may be all but just two people, but The Two Tens are a hot new L.A. duo to be reckoned with. Made up of Adam Bones on the punk rock vocal vibrato (and shredding guitar), and Rikki Styxx playfully pounding away on the skins, The Two Tens exude a ferocious sound live. The band just released three back-to-back EPs, with a fourth on the way, and we don’t see any signs of them letting up. Catch them at SXSW on March 21 at Valhalla.


Sandra Burciaga is Editor-in-Chief at GrimyGoods, a music and lifestyle blog dedicated to all things L.A.