Here are the Main Takeaways from Adele’s Carpool Karaoke Session with James Corden

Take notes

It’s a known fact that Adele loves to ride around in cars with journalists. Her interview for the November cover of Rolling Stone begins:

As Adele steers through a South London high street in her four-door Mini Cooper, with her toddler’s vacant car seat in back and the remains of a kale, cucumber and almond-milk concoction in the cup holder…

In keeping with that tradition, the singer took a swing around London with TV host James Corden for The Late Late Show With James Corden. In the resulting 14-minute video, a lot is revealed. Without giving away too much, here’s what you need to know:

  1. Adele played the drums herself on Hello.
  2. James Corden can wail.
  3. From here on out, Adele should only be referred to as “the A-bomb.”
  4. And any good hairdo, especially a new one, should be referred to as “a triumph.”

Here’s the video in full:

So. Other takeaways? Nicki Minaj responded to the clip on Twitter by saying that “Adele is mad ratchet.” And Victoria Beckham showed Adele love too, posting a clip of the video on Instagram with the caption, “HUGE Adele fan!! This is GENIUS!!!”

Seems like this week is pretty much complete.