50 Crazy Weird Cassette Tapes to Celebrate National Cassette Store Day

Wait, are there any “cassette stores” left?

As invented holidays go, Cassette Store Day is a pretty good one, and it’s happening tomorrow, September 7. 

The format of choice for lovestruck teens of a certain generation, cassettes were portable enough to live in your backpack, your locker, your pocket or your zippered Case Logic. Remember how long you spent picking the right songs and arranging them in just the right order to woo that special someone? Ahhh, the pre-CD era.

Don’t fast-forward through those dreams. Don’t let them fade in the cassetting sun. You now have a semi-official excuse to cherish the outdated–some would say worst–music format. In Los Angeles, you can do that at Highland Park record store Mount Analog or if you feel like driving down to Fullerton at Burger Records. Until then, here’s a photo gallery of some of our favorite cassette covers.

Mount Analog: 5906 1/2 N Figueroa St., Highland Park. 323-474-6649, climbmountanalog.com.