5 Times Archie and the Riverdale Gang Visited Los Angeles

A look at the kids’ westward travels in honor of <em>Archie</em> cartoonist Tom Moore, who died on July 22

Even if you never read a single one of his speech bubbles, surely you’re familiar with Archie, his ginger hair, and his 60-year-long struggle to choose between Betty and Veronica. Cartoonist Tom Moore, who died of lung cancer Wednesday, July 22 in El Paso, Texas, spent more than 30 years illustrating the life and times of Archie Andrews and his gang. Despite the comics’ setting in the fictional town of Riverdale, there were many times when the characters found themselves in Los Angeles. Here are five:

archie1“The Archies in Beverly Hills” (Archie Digest #250)
February 1, 2009
In this Archie timeline, the Riverdale friends form a Beatles-esque band called the Archies. Pop star Jessica Simmers invites them to Los Angeles, where Archie, Betty, Veronica et al soak in the sights and attend PG parties with other celebrities. (In a meta twist, the Archies had a real-life hit with “Sugar, Sugar,” the top-selling single of 1969 from the comic’s TV spinoff.) Later, the Archies return to play the Beverly Hill’s Crystal Ballroom.

archie2“Mission Bound” (Betty #98)
July 23, 2015
Four issues earlier, the kids learn about the wonders of the Los Angeles Public Library in a storyline meant to promote literacy and the library’s real “Teen‘Scape” young adult section. In this issue, they travel west for the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books (so culturally relevant!), where they encounter famous authors and continue to preach the importance of reading.

archie3“Betty at Beverly Hills High School” (Betty #184)
March 1, 2010
Thanks to a student exchange program, Betty ends up studying at Beverly Hills High. The school’s Evian water dispensers are a little overwhelming at first, but she adjusts beautifully. Betty even trains for the track team and hangs out on Rodeo Drive. She’s back in Riverdale by the next issue, but she’s left perma-dazzled by the glitzy lifestyle of the rich and famous: in another comic, she and Veronica jet off together for a weekend in Palm Springs.

archie4“California Dreamin’”/“Tune in Tinseltown” (Archie & Friends #121-123, later republished as Comic Con Caper #1-3)
July 9, 2008
After some Scooby Doo-style hijinks in Europe, Archie and his friends arrive in the states to find a Hollywood film deal waiting for them. Studio executives fly the gang to the Catalina Comic Con, where they attend a celebrity party—where all of the celebrities are later kidnapped. Of course, Archie and co. save everybody all while getting wise to the perils of fame.

archie5Archie Marries Betty #1 (also published as Life with Archie #1)
September 1, 2010
Hollywood’s only cameo is in this alternate universe series, when the sexy Cheryl Blossom calls Betty to dish about her glamorous Tinseltown life as a model and actress. When Cheryl hangs up, we’re left with an all-too-familiar plot twist: she’s just a washed up waitress.