5 Things We Know About Lenny Kravitz (Without Seeing the Documentary About Him)

The funky rocker is still ‘Looking Back on Love’

Musician, singer, and sexy, slithering rock god Lenny Kravtiz is the subject of a new documentary. Directed by Mathieu Bitton, Looking Back on Love (Making Black and White America) will screen tomorrow night (Saturday, March 9) at Arena Cinema in Hollywood. Shot over two years, the doc features appearances by Javier Bardem and Penelope Cruz as well as New Orleans legend Trombone Shorty and several of Kravitz’s longtime musical collaborators. Even without seeing Looking Back on Love here are a few things we know about the peace-preaching rocker.

1. He can wear leather pants and a vest better than Gina Gershon
2. He slept with Vanessa Paradis way before Johnny Depp did
3. He’s a hotter actor than he is a singer (exhibit A: Precious)
4. He smells (probably) like Sandalwood
5. His first album is still good so shut up.