The 5 Best Things to Do This Weekend To Help You Cope With Post-Election Stress

From volunteer opportunities to self-reflection

No matter which candidate you voted for on Tuesday, it’s safe to say we all feel heavy-hearted about the visceral and pained reactions the outcome has caused. Here is a handful of ways to spend the weekend that might help alleviate some of your anxiety.


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There is no shortage of worthwhile organizations you can donate to in Los Angeles. One of them is the California-based non-profit called the Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights of Los Angeles (CHIRLA), which fights to preserve the humane and civil rights of immigrants and refugees in our city. The organization seeks to educate immigrants on their rights through community outreach, lobbies for federal, local, and state immigration policies, and is also acknowledged by the Board of Immigration Appeals to provide low-cost legal services to immigrants hoping to become citizens. Donate here. More information



Cultural divides have always plagued our country, but the chasm seems even greater in the wake of this year’s election. Want to bridge the gap? Start in your own community by volunteering with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Los Angeles, an organization that was founded in 1904 and whose mentors are making huge strides in helping children—many of whom have experienced trauma, are youth of color, or come from a single-parent family—achieve success. Volunteers must go through an application process; get started here. More information 



The independent political organization Union del Barrio is spearheading a march at MacArthur Park on Saturday morning. Participants will meet at the park at 10 a.m. and are encouraged to bring flags representing their respective countries. The march will end at the U.S. Federal Building downtown. More information (MacArthur Park, November 12)



 Self-care is equally as important as banding together. Take some time to refocus this weekend at Unplug meditation, which offers classes that encourage the release of deep-rooted stress through mantra repition, aromatherapy, self-directed positive neuroplasticity, and more. Try Sunday’s Unplug Toolbox class, which teaches a variety of meditation techniques meant to encourage focus, peace, and presence. More information (Unplug Meditation, November 12)



The Hammer Museum in conjunction with artist Lara Schnitger is giving the public an opportunity to discuss their thoughts on the election on Saturday, November 12. The discussion will take place immediately following Schnitger’s Suffragette City, a march down Westwood Boulevard featuring the artist’s sculptures, all of which relate to women’s rights and civil rights. More information (The Hammer Museum, November 12)