The 5 Best Things to Do in L.A. This Weekend, Hands Down

Why <em>wouldn’t</em> you want to ride in a WWII-era Jeepney?

Obscura Day

You probably think you know everything about L.A., but did you know about its history with subterranean lizard people? What about its network of dark, creepy underground tunnels? The good folks at Atlas Obscura are here to educate you about your own city on Obscura Day (May 6). They’ve put together 15 different events in neighborhoods all over the city, from a Jeepney tour of Historic Filipinotown to a survey of L.A.’s graveyards to a graffiti feast in the Arts District. Check it out if you want to see the L.A. that doesn’t meet the eye. More information (May 6, various locations)

Todd Eberle: Empire of Space


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Eberle, Vanity Fair’s photographer at large, found fame with minimalistic photos of architectural standouts (like Disney Hall and the Prada Store on Rodeo Drive). On May 4, the Julius Shulman Institute honors him with their JSI Excellence in Photography award; an accompanying exhibition runs through June 25 at the Woodbury University Hollywood Outpost (WUHO). More information (Through June 25, WUHO)

Abbot Kinney First Fridays

In the immortal words of Rebecca Black, it’s Friday. May’s first, in fact, which means there are a whole slew of First Friday events happening in L.A. If you only choose one, make it Abbot Kinney’s, where a fleet of food trucks—Prince of Venice, Nomad, Kogi—post up to serve the hungry masses. Eat while you stroll; stores on the boulevard are open late. More information (May 5, Abbot Kinney Boulevard)

LA Taco + Beer Festival

The name is simple, but it says it all: Here is an event where you will eat tacos and drink beer at Raleigh Studios in Hollywood. Stuff your gullet with unlimited tacos and craft brews between 2 p.m. and 5 p.m, then try your hand at a game of giant Jenga or peruse vendors selling original art. More information (May 6, Raleigh Studios)

Douglas Kirkland: Life Beyond the Lens

Douglas Kirkland remembers his photoshoot with Marilyn Monroe perfectly: “She said, ‘I know what we need. We need a bed, a white silk sheet, and Dom Perignon. And I won’t have anything on but that white silk sheet.’” Kirkland’s photos of the startlet are just a few of thousands he’s shot over his 50-year career. The Mouche Gallery in Beverly Hills hosts a career survey of his most iconic images. More information (Through May 10)