The 5 Best Things to Do in L.A. This Weekend, Hands Down

Eat as much dessert as possible in only 90 minutes? Challenge accepted

Dessert Goals

Is there a better way to spend the day than in a sugar coma? Hard to be sure, but no. Dessert Goals, NYC’s sweet smorgasbord, arrives in L.A. this weekend for its inaugural 90-minute festival. (100 percent too little time for such a thing). Founder Liang Shi describes the event as a “day of indulgence” and says “you have 90 minutes to eat as much dessert as you can, and to document the process along the way. A big part of our events is that they’re very photogenic and very Instagram-able.” Challenge accepted. Confirmed vendors include The Ring Ding Bar and Jae NYC Eats from New York, as well as local favorites Coolhaus, AmazeBowls, Milk Jar Cookies, Honey & Butter, The Pudding Truck, and Gotta Have S’more. More information (June 17, Cooper Design Space)

Pasadena Chalk Festival

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Sidewalk chalk, like time or the availability of your fave Netflix series, is fleeting. Paseo Colorado hosts the largest street-painting festival in the world, one where artists go through more than 25,000 sticks of chalk (can you guess the most popular color? JK we’ll tell you, it’s blue); stop by to see an impressive array of temporary artworks in categories like Best Animation Mural and Best Rendition of a Masterpiece. There’s even a Chalk of Fame for pieces that recreate movie posters and scenes from film. More information (June 17-18, Paseo Colorado)

LA Beer Week

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Every week can be beer week if you believe in yourself and try, but this one, put on by the L.A. County Brewers Guild, is a little more official. Angel City, Three Weavers, and 70-plus other breweries pour IPAs, lagers, sours, ales, et cetera at venues all over town, and we’ve got a guide to everything you need to know about the whole boozy shebang. Cheers to that. More information (June 17-25, various)

Last Remaining Seats

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For 40 years the Los Angeles Conservancy has shown classic movies in some of DTLA’s most historic movie palaces (ticket proceeds go toward preserving architecture across the city). ArcLight has its charm, but you can’t beat the atmosphere at the Orpheum, say, for a screening of L.A. Confidential or Jaws. This weekend, catch a screening of Easter Parade in the iconic Los Angeles Theatre. More information (June 17, Los Angeles Theatre)


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If you’re looking for a Father’s Day to-do, head to the Autry Museum of the American West for this new exhibition that’s all about toys. Play!  dives into the games of different cultures across history, meaning you’ll see/learn about dolls, board games, video games, and more from companies like Mattel, Disney, and Wham-O (all of the nostalgia!). Before you even ask, the answer is yes—you will indeed be able to get hands on with the goods. Play a few rousing games of four square or tether ball in on the museum’s campus, or try your hand at Super Mario and even the Oregon Trail. Just try not to die of dysentery, ya heard? More information (June 18-January 7, the Autry)