3 Questions for Sara Watkins

A fiddling maestro talks about how she ended up working with Fiona Apple

Sara Watkins, best known for her fiddling in the band Nickel Creek, brings bluegrass to McCabe’s on May 10.

What moment in musical history would you relive?
I would go on one of those long walks with A.P. Carter when he was song hunting, spending time with men and women who retained so many stories in song.

You play many instruments. Which is your favorite?
If I’m down about something, the fiddle and I can fix it.

Tell me about the guests on your album.
I’m always looking for songs to do with Fiona [Apple] at the Watkins Family Hour, a show my brother Sean and I do at Largo at the Coronet. I thought “You’re the One I Love” could stand a more obsessive treatment; I wanted to sing it as a duet with her.

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