1700 Balloons To Be Released Over Downtown Art Walk Tonight


This should be something to see: Street activist LEBA will lead groups of volunteers in the release of 1,700 balloons, each lit and tagged with the name of a fallen soldier, at tonight’s downtown Art Walk to honor the live of the U.S. troops lost in Afghanistan.

In case you are wondering (we definitely were) the balloons will be biodegradable and filled with only enough air for them to float down from the rooftops on which they are released onto the Art Walk below. LEBA hopes the event, titled Project: Remember, will encourage pubic action to support the return of the troops still in Afghanistan.

Meanwhile, the Loft Salon will show work by local street artists including Mear One, Dog Byte, Gregory Siff, and more at the Santa Fe Lofts nearby until 11 p.m. to help raise money for Wounded Warrior Project.