13 Times This Mural of Leonardo DiCaprio Will Make Everything OK

It’s like a motivational kitten poster, only better

Some time in the past few days, an unsung hero-slash-street artist (rumored to be Mr. Brainwash) gifted us with the only motivational poster we’ll ever need for the rest of our days: an enormous black and white photograph of Leonardo DiCaprio gently cradling the Oscar he won for his performance in The Revenant alongside the words “never never give up.” The mural was spotted on La Brea south of Hollywood by The Hollywood Reporter on March 3.

LA shows its love for Leo | Seen here: The #Oscar winner on La Brea Ave.

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Considering its inherent inspirational qualities, this mural needs to be the new wallpaper on all of our phones—like, now (if it isn’t already). Because when the going gets rough, a quick tap of the home button will bring up a snapshot so uplifting, so pure in its simplicity, that it will pull you through most any dark moment. Here are just a smattering of examples:

-Your friend’s flight is delayed, but you’re already at LAX, so you have circle the terminal for an indeterminate amount of time.

-Arriving at Huckleberry only to find that the brunch line snakes out the back door.

-You keep getting an error message from the Internet at Intelligentsia even though you’re positive you typed the password in correctly.

-Accidentally going to The Grove on the night they’re lighting the Christmas tree.

-An Uber is on its way, but the pin thinks you’re six blocks north of where you actually are, and the driver isn’t familiar enough with the neighborhood to understand your directions.

-Calling into KIIS FM because you want to tell Ryan Seacrest something good but the line is always effing busy.

-Attempting to get into the Wizarding World of Harry Potter on opening day.

-All of the bulk avocados at Trader Joe’s are unripe AF.

-Your neighbor is scamming on your WiFi causing your Netflix to repeatedly buffer.

-Unwittingly stumbling onto the hard trail at Griffith Park because the first stretch of it looked flat but then it was uphill the rest of the way.

-The delivery fee for Postmates costs three times as much as the food you ordered.

-Someone booked your bike at CycleHouse.

-The 405 on-ramp has construction cones in front of it for no apparent reason and you have to reroute on the fly.

Thanks for the endless encouragement, Leo.