13 Bands Say Happy Birthday to The Descendents

Filter magazine pays homage to the SoCal punk stalwarts with a cover album

Punk isn’t dead—it’s just over the hill. Milo Aukerman, hardcore nerd and front man for LA’s warhorse act The Descendents, officially turned 50 this month.

It’s a tough milestone for anyone, so to ease the transition, Filter magazine—which conveniently celebrated its 50th issue in January—has commissioned 13 well-wishers to cover classics like “Kabuki Girl,” “Clean Sheets,” and “I Don’t Want to Grow Up” in a free, downloadable album they’re calling Milo Turns 50. (Hey, no one said punk was subtle.) Artist Chris Shary, who drafted the band’s iconic 1982 cover art and countless iterations since then, reboots the logo this time as a bespectacled, grumpy old man.

Our favorites are Milo Greene’s (no relation) languorous, menacing take on the raging “Parents” and The Henry Clay People’s poppy reinterpretation of “Clean Sheets.” We can’t wait to see what happens when Aukerman hits 100.

The full line-up is below:

  1. FIDLAR (featuring Brian Rodriguez), “Suburban Home”

  2. Mike Watt The Secondmissingmen,
“Kabuki Girl”

  3. The Henry Clay People,
“Clean Sheets”

  4. The Bronx, “Catalina”

  5. Edsel, “Good Good Things”

  6. Good Riddance, “Sour Grapes”
  7. Tijuana Panthers, “Can’t Go Back”

  8. Milo Greene, “Parents”

  9. TEEN, “Ride the Wild”

  10. Bobby Birdman, “I Don’t Want To Grow Up”

  11. Thrillionaire, “Myage”

  12. Ben Bridwell of Band of Horses, “Hope”

  13. YACHT, “All”