The 100 L.A. Things Every Angeleno Should Do at Least Once

How many of these have you done?


52. Stroll through the Huntington Library and Gardens
If you’re there for more than 10 minutes you will end up in someone’s engagement photos

53. Experience the L.A. Pride Parade
Good times, and not the most amount of clothes you will ever see on people

54. Dance/eat your heart out at KCRW’s Chinatwon Summer Nights
Worth going just for the food, but there’s more happening than just the food, but get the food

55. Sit in the bleachers at a Dodger game
Eat at Guisados before—it’s a home run! (We’ll show ourselves out)

56. Get box seats at the Hollywood Bowl
Are Father John Misty tickets available? Then you should buy those

57. Witness a Grunion Run
You have to see it—it’s insane

58. See the Space Shuttle Endeavour at the California Science Center
Impossible to feel cynical in its awesome presence

59. Have a bonfire at Dockweiler Beach at sunset
It’s one of the only city beaches in L.A. that has firepits because apparently we are Russia

60. Trek up the secret stairs by the Hollywood Sign
OK, maybe they’re not very secret if we’re talking about them, but not everyone knows

61. Drink at a speakeasy
We’ve got a bunch of them, and they offer what all of us long for when we leave the house on Friday night—an experience

62. Check out iam8bit Gallery
Nostalgia, pop culture and other things that will make you feel young again

63. CicLAvia
Streets are closed to cars and open to bikes, food trucks are plentiful, unique photo ops abound

64. Mural Mile in Pacoima
You will both see some great art and learn where Pacoima is

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65. Sushi Yuzu
Get the truffle edamame. Think truffle is over? YOU’RE OVER.

66. Spot Angelyne
Pink car, can’t miss her

67. Consume the “Manuel’s Special” at El Tepeyac Cafe in Boyle Heights
Maybe enlist help—it’s a burrito the size of a small child

68. Explore the ruins of Sunken City in San Pedro
Old foundations, roads, and streetcar tracks that have crumbled on the edge of the sea are now covered in vibrant graffiti

Wherever you go there you are

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69. Watts Towers
The story behind them is just as incredible as the structures themselves

70. Take a selfie at Urban Light
Everyone in the world has snapped a pic there for a reason, because it’s gorge

71. Case Study House No. 22
Probably the most iconic residential architecture in the city, it’s available for public tours

72. Replica of original In-N-Out in Baldwin Park
Pay your damn respects

73. Mosaic Tile House
It will not shock you to learn this house was created by artists

74. Chandelier Tree
It’s in Silver Lake, naturally

75. Esotouric bus tour
These historic tours are legit

76. La Brea Tar Pits
The city’s hottest attraction for over 50,000 years

77. Bradbury Building
It’s been in a bunch of movies, and you’ll see why, if you go

78. Ride the elevator in the Westin Bonaventure hotel downtown
Every hotel elevator that is not the Westin’s is wasting our time

79. Mural Tour of Pico
Because murals are having a moment

80. Observation Deck at City Hall
Go check it out–you paid for it

81. Sprinkles
Order the cupcake sundae, with Captain Crunch ice cream

82. Take the Forever Hollywood Tour of the Egyptian Theater
Dat projection booth, tho

83. The Hermosa Valley Greenbelt
Hey, cool, a place to go in the South Bay that’s not a beach or a bar

84. Take a dip in the pool on the roof of the Ace Hotel
Open to the public, as all beautiful hotel pools should be

85. Drive across the Vincent Thomas Bridge over the shipyards
It’s that bridge you see when you take the ferry to Catalina on your birthday

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86. Visit the Wisdom Tree
Leave a message at this lonely (some say magical) tree on Cahuenga Peak

87. Go to the top of U.S. Bank Tower
Costs $25 to visit the observation deck, but cool view, and the Skyslide is there

88. Sit on the bench overlooking downtown in Vista Hermosa Park
It’s not the “100 Days of Summer” bench, but still a very good bench

89. Bike along the river
See it before it’s all developed (which means you have plenty of time to see it)

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