The 100 L.A. Things Every Angeleno Should Do at Least Once

How many of these have you done?


1. Venice Beach  
Because there is the possibility of literally anything happening

2. Disneyland  
Always worth the 11-hour drive to Orange County

3. Sunset Strip
Hit a bunch of bars, ideally while you’re in your 20s, and get pizza at the Rainbow

4. Hollywood Forever Cemetery Movie
Bring a blanket and a whole Trader Joe’s worth of wine and cheese because no one ever brought too much wine and cheese to an outdoor movie

5. Drive Mulholland
In a convertible, top down, listening to Tom Petty’s “Free Fallin’”

6. Ride the Santa Monica and Venice Bike Path
Best bike path in the world

7. Dim sum in the San Gabriel Valley
Not going to recommend one restaurant—try all of them

8. Karaoke at Sardo’s
George Michael’s “Careless Whisper” isn’t going to drunkenly sing itself

9. Go window shopping on Rodeo Drive
Because everyone needs a $200 pen

10. Spill chili on your shirt after midnight while leaning on a rail to eat at the original Tommy’s on Rampart
You don’t have to spill the chili, but it adds to the experience

11. See a Broadway show at Pantages
Hamilton will be here soondeep breath

12. Philippe’s
Home of the original French-dipped sandwich (maybe) and old-timey phone booths that you will need to explain to the youngs (or have explained to you, if you’re one of the youngs)

13. Play miniature golf in the exact same place as the Karate Kid 
It’s called Golf N Stuff in Norwalk

14. Rose Bowl Flea Market
If you’re the type who gets excited about a good flea market, it’s a flea market worth getting excited about

15. Take the ferry to Catalina for free on your birthday
But you can’t just show up and say, “Hey it’s my birthday.” Have to arrange it in advance.

16. Hear Dudamel conduct the LA Phil at the Walt Disney Concert Hall
He’s the guy on the billboards with the hair, and he conducts a mean orchestra

17. Go to an AFI Fest premiere
Because you love movies, and this is for people who love movies

18. Get a steak and martini at Musso and Frank
This old Hollywood restaurant has never, ever changed and God willing it never will

Our famous Martini! #mussoandfrankgrill #mussoandfrank #martini #losangeles

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19. Spend an evening at the Magic Castle
You’ll need an invitation, so befriend a magic nerd (that’s a nerd who’s into magic, not a nerd who has magical qualities, although, yeah, both probably work, so either one) 

20. Track down a Kogi Truck (or just go to Kogi Taqueria)
Order at least one spicy pork taco, but preferably many more—like, an embarrassing amount

21. Take the 710 somewhere
No one except commercial truckers knows where it goes—adventure awaits

22. Upright Citizens Brigade
See “Put Your Hands Together” or “Assscat”

23. Shop for produce at the Santa Monica Farmers Market
Come for the fresh food, stay for the opportunity to dis large-scale commercial food manufacturing

24. Attend the Golden Globes
Volunteer, be a seat filler, write a hit TV show–whatever it takes

25. Roll with it when a tourist thinks you’re someone famous
Don’t rob them of this moment they came all the way here for. They need this.

26. Volleyball at Will Rogers beach
In your head it will feel like the scene from “Top Gun,” but it won’t actually look like that to anyone. Don’t let that stop you.

27. Leave Marilyn Monroe flowers at her crypt in Westwood Village Memorial Park
You can also pay your respects to Jack Lemmon, Walter Matthau, Dean Martin, Natalie Wood, Truman Capote, Farrah Fawcett, and Roy Orbison

28. Get drinks at the Dresden
It is your civic duty to go see Marty and Elayne

29. Watch a silent film and hear the Mighty Wurlitzer Pipe Organ at Old Town Music Hall
Charming, and probably the most accurately named building in the city

30. Hike Runyon
There are so many great hikes in LA. This list could just be hikes. Oh, we already did that list. Twice

31. See a planetarium show at the Griffith Observatory
Recommended: Centered in the Universe

32. Picnic on the lawn at the Getty
See some art, take in the city view, go back again with visitors from out of town because they will also like it

33. Decline an invitation to go to something in Los Feliz
Becomes a reflex after a while

34. Spend a long day at L.A.’s Central Library
An underrated civic treasure

35. See a movie in the lavish main theater at the Chinese Theater
If the movie is good, there will be clapping because that’s how we do

36. Tailgate at the Coliseum for a USC game
So much beer and grilled meats—why the hell did any of us leave college?

37. Eat one meal at Providence
This whole list could be restaurants because we live in the best food city in the world but we have an entire food section for that

38. Be on a taping of The Price is Right
Lots of shows tape here (Kimmel is fun, too), but TPIR is the one that got us through every sick day from school, and that’s important

39. Hang out in Old Town Pasadena
Will make you want to move to Pasadena tomorrow

40. Own a pair of Vans slip-ons
Because they’re L.A. in casual shoe form

41. Avoid James Woods
Hang out anywhere long enough and you’ll get your chance

42. See a movie in Dolby Atmos at Burbank Cinema 16
The sound experience is whoa

43. Soak the night away at a Korean Spa
Go to Wi Spa, then go karaoke—or go before you karaoke. Just go whenever, it’s great.

44. Eat a bacon-wrapped hot dog (aka Danger Dog) after 2 a.m.
Or after a show at the Bowl, or a game at Staples, or any chance you get. Never say no to a Danger Dog.

45. Shop in Santee Alley
150 stores in two blocks, plus the opportunity to haggle

46. Play Pokémon Go on the Santa Monica Pier in the wee hours of the morning
A surprisingly communal experience that will restore your faith in both mobile gaming and humanity  

47. Get on one of those shuttles that shuttles people to parties in the Hollywood Hills
You’ll have to talk your way on, unless you can get on the invite list to one of these parties, which someone you know knows how to do

48. Peruse the Last Bookstore
2,000-square-feet of books you can touch with your hands like in the olden days!

49. See an obscure movie at the Cinefamily
Its curation is excellent and/or totally bizarre

50. Celebstalk at the Chateau Marmont
Don’t feel weird—if they’re going to the Chateau they don’t mind being seen 

51. Feast on fettuccine carbonara and live singing at Miceli’s
You know how every TV show and movie now has earnest young people singing? Miceli’s was way ahead on that one