The 10 Tastiest Halloween Treats at Disneyland This Year

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It is, once again, Halloween Time at Disneyland Resort, and this year’s a good one. Not only is there a colorful and super-adorable Halloween overlay in Cars Land, but there are devilish treats all over both parks, and clever foods galore. These are your must-eats for October 2017.

1. Bat Wing Sundae

Photo courtesy of Disneyland Resort

The Bat Wing Sundae can be found at Clarabelle’s Hand-Scooped Ice Cream in California Adventure, and it’s pretty epic. The ice cream is white chocolate/raspberry swirl, and it’s topped with raspberry “splatter” and a big bat wing cookie. This one is super Insta-worthy, and it’s delicious, too.

2. Spider Silk Ice Cream Sandwich

Photo by Heather Sievers (@DininginDisney)

The Spider Silk Ice Cream Sandwich (located at Clarabelle’s in DCA) wins points for longevity. A huge black macaron is filled with a scoop of charcoal/tart cherry ice cream–and that color? It lingers in the mouth. But it’s so fantastic that it’s totally worth it. 

3. Campfire S’mores Funnel Cake 

Photo by Heather Sievers (@DininginDisney)

AAAAAH! The Campfire S’mores Funnel Cake is probably our favorite ever. You can get yours at Stage Door Cafe, but bring a friend because you’ll need to share. That crazy huge Disneyland funnel cake is covered in chocolate/chile ganache, toasted marshmallow sauce, little marshmallows, graham cracker crumbles, and crushed peanut butter candy. Sweet on sweet is what’s up in here.

4. Dreamsicle Beignets

Photo by Heather Sievers (@DininginDisney)

OK, so does anyone else think this is a weird choice for Halloween? Dreamsicle? That’s orange and vanilla flavors. Like, Disneyland, did you get Summer mixed up with Halloween? But anyway, they’re delicious, and you completely must get them, so we’re putting them on our list of favorite Halloween foods even though they’re not Halloween-y at all. BUT they ARE orange-colored with that blingy sugar. So maybe that counts?

5-6.Mummy Macarons (x2)

Photo courtesy of Disneyland Resort

This entry in the best of Halloween treats actually includes two treats — and they’re both mummy macarons. The filling in the circular mummy macaron at Schmoozie’s in DCA is rainbow sherbet, and the macaron is drizzled with white chocolate to create the mummy’s customary wrap. The second mummy macaron is at Jolly Holiday Disneyland, and this time it’s Mickey-shaped. There’s still a mummy wrap drizzle of white chocolate, but the filling is a salted-caramel buttercream. Get one of each.

Photo Jolly Holiday (Sabrina Lizette @EverythingDisney.55)

7. CAR-achnid Pot Pie

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The CAR-achnid Pot Pie at Flo’s V-8 Cafe in Cars Land is one of our FAV-OR-ITE items for Halloween. It’s basically a savory chicken pot pie with the addition of dried cranberries, lending it some tartness. The butter crust is killer. And the CAR-achnid on top is just creepy enough without being so over-the-top-Halloween. Really, really, really — I know it seems boring, but get this.

8. Oogie Boogie Popcorn Bucket

Photo by Heather Sievers (@DininginDisney)

Y’all. Oogie Boogie totally went viral last month, so we have to include him here. I know. He’s plastic. But he holds popcorn and he’s refillable, and he’s VIRAL, so he belongs in this list. Because what kind of Disneyland fan would you be if you DIDN’T have your Oogie Boogie popcorn bucket? You’d be disqualified like those people who don’t have their rose cup or their Haunted Mansion Tiki Mug. Oh, and Oogie Boogie glows in the dark. 

9. Headless Horseman Straw Topper/Clip

Photo by Heather Sievers (@DininginDisney)

Again. Plastic. But YOU MUST GET IT. (You can find him at Coca-Cola Corner in Disneyland and at counter service spots in DCA…when they’re not sold out.) This has got to be the best straw topper ever. The eyes of the horse and the pumpkin both light up with buttons that control them separately. You can also control the speed of the blink. Trust me. You will use this at home.

10. Slow-Burnin’ Mac and Cheese Cone

Photo by Heather Sievers (@DininginDisney)

Over at the Cozy Cone Motel you’ll find the Slow-Burnin’ Mac and Cheese Cone. This black pumpernickel “cauldon” cone is filled with spicy red pepper mac & cheese, and it’s topped with red hot chile cheese puffs (Disneyland’s jumping on the hot cheeto bandwagon). So, I’m gonna be honest here. I’m including this because it’s a statement piece, but we didn’t love the cone itself, and the mac & cheese could have been spicier. But it has chutzpah, and sometimes that’s what counts. 

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