The Best Ways to Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in L.A.

Because everyone is Irish on March 17th

St. Patrick’s Day is this Sunday and perhaps you’re feeling in the mood to do a bit of carousing. Here are 10 fun ways to raise a toast to the land of James Joyce, W.B. Yeats, Oscar Wilde, and Colin Farrell.

1. Pair Your Whiskey with On-Theme Tunes

Harvard & Stone brings in a special St. Patrick’s Day supergroup, the Wild Roses, comprised of former members of the Pogues, Dropkick Murphys, and the Aggrolites to play live. During the set, enjoy discounted shots of Powers and $5 Jameson mules. Harvard & Stone, 5221 Hollywood Blvd, Thai Town


2. Slurp a (Vegan) Shamrock Shake

Plant-based burger stand Monty’s Good Burger is getting festive with a limited-edition shamrock shake. The creamy, vegan concoction has all the minty goodness of the fast food version you may have tried in the past, and comes topped with a cloud of dairy-free whipped cream. Monty’s Good Burger, 516 S. Western Ave, Koreatown


3. Try Classy Cocktail Takes on Festive Faves

St. Patrick’s Day celebrations last all weekend at downtown cocktail den Here & Now. The top-notch drinks include an Irish Ol’ Fashioned with Slaine Irish whisky, or the decadant This Lucky Charming Man (whisky, white chocolate-infused vodka, Lucky Charm cereal cream, and espresso). Limited-edition food options are on offer too, including Irish nachos (which are actually made of potato). Here & Now, 300 S. Santa Fe, Arts District


4. Slip Into a Pop-Up Irish Snug

The Spare Room bar inside the historic Hollywood Roosevelt has a dimly-lit, leather-and-wood vibe already, but in honor of St. Patrick’s day, it’s being temporarily converted into a proper Irish snug. Among the limited-edition menu items are a litany of cocktail options featuring Tullamour DEW Irish Whiskey. The Spare Room, 7000 Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood


5. Tuck Into a “Boilermaker Dinner”

This five-course chef’s menu isn’t paired with wine, but with beers and shots of Irish whisky. Chez Melange goes Irish (in a fancy way) with dishes including cider-steamed cockles with root vegetables, and a corned beef-inspired lamb osso bucco. Chez Melange, 1611 S. Catalina Ave, Redondo Beach

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