vaccine los angeles vaccine eligibility

Here’s What You Need to Know About When and How to Get a COVID Vaccination in L.A.

An updated primer on who’s eligible, how to make an appointment, and more


Back to School: LAUSD Drops Masking and Other COVID Restrictions

Los Angeles Unified School District announced it's easing COVID rules to reflect that the worst of times are over and it’s enough already

Smiles Everyone! L.A. Health Authorities Back Down on Mask Mandate

Public health officials had been warning they might reinstate forced indoor public masking on Friday, but it’s not happening—for now

L.A. County Just Might Avert Hated Mask Mandate

Could be science, could be politics, or a mix of both, but L.A. officials are saying maybe you won’t have to mummy-up again after all

Beverly Hills Will Refuse to Enforce L.A. Mask Mandate

LA County is poised for a new mask mandate, but Beverly Hills Mayor Lili Bosse says her city is done with KN95s.

The Battle Has Begun Over LA’s Mask Mandate Reinstatement

A local business federation believes a mandate will hurt businesses in LA County; officials still want to move forward with it

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