53 LGBTQ Angelenos Who Are Livening Up L.A. Nightlife

lgbtq club kids los angeles

Queer people have been at the forefront of nightlife everywhere, but especially in L.A., a city that has always broken the rules of art and sexuality. In derelict warehouses and other underground venues, a vibrant crew is creating spaces full of possibilities, freedom, and love, all while showcasing veteran and up-and-coming talent. They’re also driving L.A.’s club scene to be more welcoming of people of all shapes and sizes, and from all walks of life.

  1. Josh Peace; 2. Barbie Q ; 3. Biqtch Puddin; 4. Loren Granich; 5. Alex Jolicoeur (of Black Charmed); 6. Meatball; 7. DJ Mateo Segade (Bearracuda, Daddy Issues, Queen Kong)
    ; 8. Mario Diaz (BFD); 9. Aram K.; 10. Jamee Jones (also of Black Charmed); 11. Dennis Haynes (Black Charmed); 12. Bettie Bondage; 13. Daphne Von Rey; 14. Your Muther (Lez Croix HOMOCCULT, 420 Queerr)

15. Grant Vanderbilt; 16. Hunter Crenshaw (House of Avalon); 17. Caleb Feeney; 18. Symone; 19. Gigi Goode; 20. Danielle; 21. Chingy LeGay (Mommy Issues); 22. Christina Belcher (Mommy Issues); 23. Nikki Noir; 24. Matt Palmer; 25. Andres Rigal (Summer Tramp, Evita); 26. Ollywood; 27. Gregory Alexander (Rhonda Intl.); 28. Pogo (Bustle, Crazy Sexy Cool & Boy)

29. Shug; 30. Kristin V.; 31. Leon Yeshua; 32. Ernie Omega; 33. WILLAM; 34. Pony (Cruise L.A..); 35. Joyce Landicho; 36. Rynn; 37. Vanessa Craig (Cruise L.A., Lez Croix); 38. Jen DM (Cruise L.A., Lez Croix); 39. Sarah Problem; 40. DJ Kim Anh; 41. Rudy Bleu (sCUM); 42. Stacy Christine (No Nonsense, Miss Mgt, Bears in Space, Critter Control); 43. Sinan; 44. Sindri Galvan (No Nonsense, Featurette, the Cafeteria); 45. Courtney Nichols (Disco Dining Club); 46. Justin David (GPS); 47. Eddie Eduardo; 48. Bryan Rabin (Giorgio’s); 49. Chris Bowen (Bears in Space, Cub Scout, Shits & Giggles); 50. Victor Rodriguez (Bears in Space, Cub Scout, the Party by Ostbahnhof, Por Detroit L.A.); 51. Mike ETC (Traffic L.A.); 52. Paul Nicholls (GPS); 53. Jerren Ronald (Por Detroit L.A.)

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