Why Is Kamala Harris’ California Approval Rating In the Toilet?

A recent poll conducted has come up with a few reasons for Madam Vice President’s dismal numbers.

Before she was vice president, and before her failed run for president in 2020, Kamala Harris was a California politician that shone brightly—and won elections. She began her career in the district attorney’s office, then won the election for Attorney General of California for two terms, starting in 2010. Harris then captured success on the national stage after winning the election for junior Senator representing California in 2017.

She’s a California girl. So why are her approval ratings so dismal?

“A recent poll conducted by UC Berkeley’s Institute of Governmental Studies and co-sponsored by the Los Angeles Times found just 38% of California voters approved of Harris’ performance as vice president, while 46% disapproved,” wrote Mark Z. Barabak, a columnist for the L.A. Times. Her approval rating amongst voters with no party preference is only 31%.

It was noted that the VP’s ratings are linked with the President’s ratings, so if Biden’s take a dive—they’re not great right now—so will Kamala’s numbers.

“Democrats have never really warmed up to the idea of her in that [position],” said Mark DiCamillo, who directed the poll. “When she ran for president she wasn’t well-received… and now that she’s vice president it’s kind of the same thing.”

And part of Kamala’s unpopularity is the unruly, independent nature of the state’s voters. Californians simply don’t root for a favorite politician, Barabak wrote. It’s not in their nature. Part of it is the state’s giant size, with voters easier reached through the impersonal means of TV rather than handshakes and diner visits.

As she looks to the future, findings in this poll indicate that Kamala shouldn’t count on her home state should she decide to run for President in 2024 or beyond. Those are some electoral votes that will have to be earned the hard way.

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