Which Words and Phrases Do Californians Google the Most?


A word to the wise Angeleno: think twice before Googling something completely inane, because you never know if it’s going to end up as an infographic.

Thanks to the mildly stalkerish invention of Google Trends, big brother Internet has been keeping tabs on what you (yes, you) have been typing into your search engine for the past ten years. Estately, the national real estate search site, has capitalized on this intel-glut and turned it into a map detailing the words and phrases that are most searched in each state. So what types of things do Californians seek out while driving the information superhighway otherwise known as the World Wide Web?

-Alcoholics Anonymous
-Bros Before Hos
-Dandruff Care
-Food Poisoning
-Google Glass
-Kim Kardashian
-Meat Is Murder
-Paris Hilton
-What does Siri look like? 

While this doesn’t capture a very wide variety of interests (and highlights our apparent follicular issues), we’ll take “Bros Before Hos” over “Hearing Voices” (Connecticut) or “Lyrics to Happy Birthday” (Kentucky) any day.