Which L.A. Neighborhoods Are Best—and Worst—at Wearing Masks?

Highland Park residents report the most mask compliance in a new survey

Depending on your worldview, wearing a face mask during the current coronavirus pandemic is either a simple act of responsibility or a meltdown-inducing incursion into your personal freedom (or, you know, you just can’t be bothered). Wondering where your neighbors fall on that divide? One new survey attempts to pin down what Los Angeles neighborhoods wear masks most often, and where people are going around bare-faced.

Local data firm InfoGears created an online survey to ask Angelenos to anonymously report about their pandemic experiences. Among the items on the questionnaire, it asks respondents to state how often they wear a mask when venturing outside their homes.

Only in one L.A. zip code did 100 percent of residents report that they “always” wear a mask when going out. That zip code is 90042, which includes Highland Park. Following Highland Park near the top in the mask-wearing rankings are North Hollywood (91605), Garnsey and Sherman Village (91607), and San Pedro (90731).

Meanwhile, the neighborhood where people were the least likely to say they’re committed to mask life is Glendale (91208), with just over 41 percent of respondents saying they always put on their face cover. Also near the bottom are La Crescenta (91214) and the western Antelope Valley (93536).

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