Wheelie Desperate: Where To Find A Bike On The Cheap For This Weekend’s CicLAvia

Five bike shops that can provide you with a last-minute set of wheels

In a city that is very kind to cars and barely civil to cyclists, we’d understand if you were finding yourself bikeless for this weekend’s CicLAvia event. Don’t let that stop you: Here are five spots around town where you can get a last-minute set of wheels (two of which cost less than a pound of salmon from Whole Foods).  

Coco’s Variety Store
Address: 2427 Riverside Dr., 323.664.7400
Neighborhood: Silver Lake
Specialty: Vintage bikes

If you want to partake in CicLAvia but are certain you will never need a bike henceforth, Coco’s Variety Store may the best option for your velocipede needs. Starting at $40 for city bikes and $45 for road bikes, Coco’s will rent you something that suits your style for 24 hours. Bonus: if you fall in love with your bike and decide you want to buy it, they’ll apply half of the rental price as a discount off the top.

Van’s Cyclery
Address: 11407 Victory Blvd., 818.760.6960
Neighborhood: NoHo
Specialty: According to Van himself: “You name it, we got it.”

If you’re envisioning Sunday’s CicLAvia as the first of many in your future, you might want to consider buying rather than renting. Nevertheless, you shouldn’t have to break the bank. Used bikes at Van’s start at $65, increasing in price depending on the amount of repairs it may need. Van’s will add the cost of the fixes onto the price for which the previous owner traded it in, resulting in a relatively new (and relatively cheap) bike for you.

Beverly Hills Bike Shop
Address: 10546 W. Pico Blvd., 310.275.2453
Neighborhood: West L.A.
Specialty: Mountain bikes, road bikes

For west siders who don’t want to trek all the way to Silver Lake for a rental, Beverly Hills Bike Shop is a local option. Bike rentals start at $25 for 24 hours—though the cost could shoot up to $50 if you’re looking to rent new rather than used. For CicLAvia, this bike shop would steer newer riders towards renting a mountain bike, as those are both strong and easy to handle.

Flying Pigeon LA
Address: 3404 N. Figueroa St., 213.909.8986
Neighborhood: Cypress Park
Specialty: European-style city bikes, Cargo bikes

Flying Pigeon gives you the most bang (and convenience) for your buck, although their CicLAvia rental selection is limited (single-speed beach cruisers only). Riders can book through the store’s website for only $30; pick it up—helmet included—any time this week, and ride to your heart’s content up until 6:30 p.m. on Sunday. Uber-procrastinators beware: there are only ten bikes left.

Downtown LA Bicycles
Address: 1626 S. Hill St., 213.745.6783
Neighborhood: Downtown
Specialty: A little bit of everything: The store’s slogan is “Your One Stop Shop”

If used bikes aren’t your bag, Downtown LA Bicycles is where you’ll find a shiny, new charter. The store provides a selection of beach cruisers, hybrid comfort bikes, and single speeds for $49 per day and road bikes for $85 per day. According to the shop, most casual riders opt for beach cruisers because they’re easy to maneuver (regardless of the fact that they’re heavy and slow). For folks looking to ride a bit faster or finish the CicLAvia track, DTLA Bicycles suggests the hybrid: it’s light and thin but not as tiring as a road bike.