What L.A.’s Weird Weather Actually Feels Like


This past weekend’s weather was, in a word, weird. Angelenos endured thunderstorms, lightning, flash flooding, pouring rain, light sprinkles, blazing heat, groggy humidity, clouds, and, briefly, sunshine.

Hurricane Dolores, which never hit land, created strong winds off the Eastern Pacific Coast, resulting in an almost unprecedented amount of L.A. rainfall for the month of July—and a new viral trend/conversation bit: comparing Los Angeles to other, seemingly less weather-blessed places. Here’s how it went down:

The Midwest:

The Sunshine State:



East Coast Vibes:

The Steamy South:


For the third day, it feels like I'm waking up in NOLA not LA

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Look, we’re not used to these roller coaster-like changes in temp, so it’s understandable that Angelenos didn’t reach an overwhelming consensus on which locale it most felt like outside. We looked it up to be sure and… want to know who won the comparison game? Steamy Southerners!

Data analysis shows this weekend’s L.A. weather most closely matched that of Charleston, West Virginia! Both cities averaged temperatures in the high 80s and low 90s with high humidity and rainfall. Take us home, country road!