What Does Your Day Off Say About You?


For much of America, the 2013 college vacation-like Winter break between December 23 and January 5 came to a devastating end on Monday. While many of us Angelenos had to schlep to offices and deal with annoying commutes that we had otherwise forgotten about, like everyone everywhere else, others simply didn’t.

That’s because Los Angeles is home to so many freelancers and alternative workers that many don’t keep a traditional Monday through Friday work schedule. The reality: Any day can be a weekend day in Los Angeles!

What does your day off say about you? We give work schedules the astrology treatment so you don’t have to wonder:

You Don’t Work Mondays
The day that usually starts off everyone’s week is reserved for some as a way to enjoy the city even more than usual because everyone is busy for The Man. Few places offer up brunch, so you have to enjoy breakfast or lunch—but never suffer through a wait. You’re that guy who can grab a table at the always-busy Intelligentsia without a fight or nab a parking spot at The Grove without a fuss, which makes everyone else jealous. You? You probably work at an art gallery, own a traditional small business, or have a job that requires you to baby sit a place or project over a weekend. You don’t care what we Monday workers think; you enjoy the rare Monday off.

You Don’t Work Tuesdays:
Like a Monday, a Tuesday off is rare—and just as coveted. Often reserved for servers and entertainers who make more money on proper weekend nights, the Tuesday is the Sunday of the weekday days off. Tuesday Weekenders get to indulge in  things like the Tuesday night Santa Monica Food Truck Lot, Itacho sample menus, or a Jazz Tuesday at El Cid. Got Wednesday off too? The Tuesday Night Project and Dreamgirls Revue at Rage are always a good time…

You Don’t Work Wednesdays
“Hump Day” is the least common day to have off. If you can skip work on a Wednesday, this usually means that you are your own boss. You are that person who can up and go, “F— it: I’m not working today.” You—like some museum staff and servers—have most Angelenos scratching their head at what it is you do when they spot you out and about mid-day (minus the stress bubble). Good! You are a rebel. You participate in occasional mid-week festivities like eating Dante Fried Chicken at Short Order, watching Los Angeles Music Video Festival Spotlights, and enjoying bi-weekly dance nights courtesy of Weltenbuerger. Everyone else can shove it: you take Wednesdays off.

You Don’t Work On Thursdays or Fridays
You don’t work for the weekends: you work on the weekends—and you probably have some connection to entertaining. Whether you are a food and beverage industry type or an aspiring performer, taking a Thursday and/or Friday off means you will be crammed somewhere entertaining those who let loose on Saturdays and Sundays. That’s okay, though: you’ve learned putting in hours over the weekend comes with benefits: lots of farmers’ markets, soon-to-be-gone free admission at the Hammer, going wild at Downtown Art Walk, and discounted hotel prices in Palm Springs, Santa Barbara, and other local getaways, since you’re checking in—and out—before the weekend crowds.

You Don’t Work Saturdays or Sundays
You are a normal person! You work Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday and—as much as you’d love to be a nonconformist Angeleno—you have Saturday and Sunday off (… unless you are on deadline: then you have no weekend, sorry). You may be ordinary, but you are in good company. You get to enjoy weekend brunch specials and Sunday Suppers at Dominick’s, Lucques, Crossroads, Eveleigh, and more.

You Work Everyday of the Week
Surely you are working in production on a film or television show, right? Or are you a doctor? Either way, you love to tell everyone how you never have a day off.

You Have Every Day Off
Congrats, you’re rich! Or, sorry, you’re unemployed. Thus, you get to experience the perks and pains of all of these days off in Los Angeles. What to focus your energy on this year: finding friends in each of the categories above. Activity partners are key to the L.A. day off lifestyle.


Kyle Fitzpatrick is a writer, an infrequent performer, and a lover of dogs, art, shorts, champagne, and L.A. You can find his musings Fridays on CityThink. For more, check out his locally focused art, design, and culture website, Los Angeles, I’m Yours, or follow him on Twitter and Instagram.