West L.A. Man Gets 18 Years in Prison for Stalking Women Doctors

The judge called the defendant a true menace for a harassment campaign that terrorized female physicians for more than a decade

West Los Angeles one-man terror spree Gueorgui Hristov Pantchev, 51, was sentenced to 18 years in federal prison on Tuesday for crimes related to a harassment campaign targeting four female doctors, spanning more than a decade.

The stalking nightmare began in 2011, when Pantchev sent numerous threatening messages to two doctors working at the West Los Angeles Veterans Affairs Medical Center, followed by Pantchev targeting two more victims at the VA’s Loma Linda facility in San Bernardino County. 

According to a Department of Justice press release, Pantchev’s threats toward the doctors resulted in his conviction on nine counts of stalking and witness intimidation in 2014. When he was paroled in 2017, he met the two Loma Linda doctors he then began stalking, harassing, and intimidating. Over this period, Pantchev distributed sexually explicit flyers to victims and their colleagues, showed up at the elementary school of one victim’s child, sent multiple letters and emails to the victims, and more. 

United States Attorney Martin Estrada said in the release that the punishment fits the crime: “This defendant earned a lengthy prison sentence by terrorizing his victims for years.” Estrada said the victims lived in constant fear for both their own lives and the lives of their family members. “I hope today’s sentencing brings them a sense of justice and security,” he said.

Presiding Judge John F. Walter called Pantchev a true menace to society and cited his antisocial behavior in placing him “in the top five to 10 defendants among the thousands that I have seen in over 20 years on the bench.” 

Pantchev was found guilty on four counts of stalking in July and has been in federal custody since January 2021. According to KTLA, more than 40 police reports have been made against him since 2018.

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