“We’re Poor, Please Restore”: CSU Students Protest Cutbacks

In the latest showing of discontent amongst CSU students and faculty, campuses across the state, including those at Los Angeles and Long Beach, staged lunchtime protests over Gov. Jerry Brown’s proposed $500 million cut to the state’s university system. At CSU Los Angeles’ central plaza, a crowd of around 200 demonstrators gathered, chanting slogans and holding signs criticizing Brown’s plan, including ones that read “No More Cuts for CSU” and “We’re Poor, Please Restore.”
The proposed cuts would raise tuition rates and reduce class availability for both the CSU and UC systems, affecting well over 13,300 students. Critics argue these factors not only limit prospective applicants, but will also result in current students taking several semesters longer to graduate at a more costly rate.
Fiscal concerns are being raised across the state as Gov. Brown seeks to tighten the belt on California’s ballooning deficit. For the demonstrators, including those who come from low-income backgrounds, raising the cost of higher education in a still sluggish economy simply cuts too deep.