Watch This Heart-Wrenching Reunion at LAX of a Family Affected By Trump’s Travel Ban

A federal judge’s emergency stay allowed Ali Vayeghan to enter the country a week after he was sent back to Iran because of Trump’s executive order

Five days after a federal judge issued an emergency stay against President Trump’s travel ban, Ali Vayeghan was the first person originally denied U.S. entry to be allowed to return. Mayor Eric Garcetti (who later shared this touching video on Facebook) was at LAX to welcome Vayeghan, along with members of Vayeghan’s family, and the legal team who helped him.

Vayeghan—who is Iranian and has an immigrant visa—spoke to journalists after his arrival, according to the L.A. Times. His niece translated for him: “This is what humanity looks like,” he said. “This is what human rights looks like. I am shocked, honored and awed. Please let them know I’m not mad at anybody. This is the greatest country in the world.”

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Julia Herbst is the Editorial Coordinator at Los Angeles magazine. You can follow her on Twitter @juliarherbst or Instagram. She wrote: CA Congressman Ted Lieu’s Twitter Account is a Beacon of Light in the Post-Election Darkness.