Watch of Shame: How L.A. Dropped the Ball on NYE

KDOC’s New Year’s Eve Special was far from the city’s finest moment

F-bombs, blackouts, and a fistfight caught on tape—KDOC’s (unfortunately) “Live! Live! Live!” New Year’s Eve Special was far from L.A.’s finest moment. In fact, the midnight meltdown was flat out a civic failure; all the celebratory glitter, sequins, and confetti in the world couldn’t beautify the production disaster that aired over the final hours of 2012 on the Orange County-based station. What went wrong? Every single thing, apparently. Our suggestion for the city (and we mean you, city leaders and uber talented live TV special producers!): Resolve to put together a world-class New Year’s Eve celebration we can all be proud of this year. There’s 361 days left in 2013. Let the countdown begin.