Viral Tweet About Low Texas Gas Prices Sends Californians into a Frenzy

When a reporter tweeted that gas prices in Texas had dipped below $4, several Californians—and CA haters—jumped in to share their grievances

A tweet noting that gas prices had dipped below $4 in Texas triggered a viral response from Californians who complained about the significantly higher fuel prices in the Golden State, as well as haters who questioned why people would choose to live in California.

The harmless tweet came from Jason Allen, a CBS News reporter based in Dallas-Fort Worth, who wrote on Wednesday evening, “The ‘3’ is back,” referring to an image that showed the price for regular fuel was $3.99. As of Thursday morning, his tweet had more than 270,000 likes and thousands of comments.

In response, another Twitter user said, “Not in California,” adding an angry, swearing face emoji and a photo of a Chevron gas sign that showed regular gas priced at $6.89 when using a credit or debit card and $6.69 for cash or a Chevron card.

That tweet, which had more than 1,200 likes as of Thursday morning, was then flooded with its own set of responses, some of which were illogical.

“Because California has been lost for years,” responded one person who said they have also lived in the state “for years.”

“It’s just since inflation has risen so high to bring it to light. It just shows how much the ideology of California has failed… California is literally teetering on bankruptcy, just like Detroit was, but just on a State level.”

To which another person responded, “With all due respect, your theory about Ca is incorrect we have a surplus of 97 billion in 2022,” a point that state officials announced in May.

One user then tweeted an image of a gas pump, showing that they paid $78.96 for roughly 12 gallons of gas, saying “… this was less than a week ago here in SoCal – $6.49/gal.”

Still another tweeter posted an image of gas prices in the neighborhood of Los Feliz, which showed $6.59 for regular gas (when you pay with cash). Several other people did the same.

“Welcome to CA, where half the price of gas is state taxes,” said another Twitter user. “gotta love those dems running your state right?”

Things took a left turn when a person with the username Blrepe404 tweeted, “first problem is living in california”

To which another person said, “Cost of enjoying life is not a problem”

Then Blrepe404 responded, “you also have shit tons of homeless guys who throw shit covered rocks at people so idk if its a good place”

A bright spot in the comments—at least for Californians—came from one user who alerted their fellow residents to places where they can pay less at the pump.

“Prices going down at Costco and Sam’s club in CA!” they announced.

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