VIDEO: A Massive Sinkhole Just Swallowed Two Cars in Studio City

Rescue crews have swarmed the area
According to footage from ABC, ambulances and rescue crews have descended on Studio City, where a sinkhole near the intersection of Laurel Canyon and Ventura Boulevards has completely swallowed two cars.

Per a live video from the scene, the cars are upside down in the hole and suspended above a rive of rushing water; both drivers have, according to the latest from ABC’s Facebook page, been rescued from their vehicles. The sinkhole is a result of today’s Pacific Storm, hailed as strongest of the season, and it’s not the only roadside damage that’s occurred; a portion of the southbound I-15 was swept away by the heavy rainfall, causing a fire engine to drop off the side of the highway. According to ABC’s Rob McMillan, no one was injured.