Veteran Prosecutor Pens Burn Letter to DA George Gascon On Final Day

Mark Burnley insinuated that his soon-to-be-former boss was incompetent—and his office is a ”managerial dumpster fire”

Los Angeles County’s District Attorney George Gascon was called out for being incompetent and more by one of his own on Thursday when veteran prosecutor Mark Burnley wrote a lengthy poison-pen letter to his boss on his very last day of work, telling him exactly what he thinks of his tenure and personal character.

Fox News Digital obtained and published on Thursday a copy of the letter from Burnley, who has been with the L.A. County District Attorney’s Office for 23 years.

“Until December 2020, I thought I had the best job in the world,” Burnley wrote, referring to the year the progressive Gascon took office. “I am constantly amazed by the expertise and knowledge of the DDAs in this office. They are deeply devoted and have a breathtaking amount of experience. It’s a shame you cannot or will not recognize that.”

Burnley also wrote that Gascon had turned the DA’s office into a “managerial dumpster fire.”

“Fifteen minutes of basic legal research would have been more than enough to modify the policies to conform with the law,” Burnley said of Gascon’s policies. He also wrote that his boss, “exhibited a staggering lack of prosecutorial experience and knowledge. For example, you seemed completely unaware of how your policies would impact hate crime and financial crime prosecutions. The combination of arrogance and inexperience was obvious.”

“You have also shattered the personal and professional lives of scores of people who decided to devote their legal educations to public service,” Burnley added.

Here, he seems to be referring to the attention-getting demotions of three senior prosecutors after they publicly criticized Gascon’s crime policy. Two others have filed a lawsuit against L.A. County for similar reasons. (Gascon’s office said they were not demotions, but transfers).

Burnley, it seems, isn’t the only one who feels this way about Gascon.

“Many of us hoped, like Mark Burnley, that George Gascon could run a government office. From the first minute of his administration, he made it clear that he could not,” Eric Siddall, vice president of the Association of Deputy District Attorneys for Los Angeles County, told Fox News Digital in a statement.

In general, Gascon’s opponents have dogged him for being soft on crime—especially while the city has seen increases in crime that are quite significant; for example, homicides in Los Angeles reaches their highest level in 15 years during the first half of 2022, according to the LAPD. Gascon was also criticized widely in July when he told prosecutors of the repeal of a long-held policy in which the victims of crime (or next of kin) were notified of a parole hearing for the inmate that harmed them or their loved ones.

Throughout all this, Gascon has stuck to his guns, asserting his progressive reforms to the city’s criminal justice system and not giving in to public pressure. This is why there have been two recall efforts on Gascon—the second of which was funded by Hollywood elites but failed over the summer—and he has endured a host of criticism from law enforcement, other district attorneys, and members of the public.

Burnley concluded his letter with a scathing assessment of Gascon’s ability to self-reflect: “Hopefully you will display more humility and less arrogance during the remainder of your term. What have you learned from the two recall efforts? It takes courage and integrity to conduct an honest self-assessment; I doubt you’re up to the task.”

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