Veep Scare! Harris Lands As Andrews is Locked Down Over Armed Intruder

The base, which is home to the planes that are used for Air Force One, was breached by two intruders in a stolen car

Joint Base Andrews was locked down and an armed teenager was arrested about the same time Vice President Kamala Harris was landing there Sunday night.

The security breach happened as Harris and several members of President Joe Biden’s cabinet were returning from a trip to Selma, Ala. to commemorate the 57th anniversary of Bloody Sunday.

The base, which is home to the planes that are used for Air Force One, was breached by two intruders in a stolen car who drove through a checkpoint and then ignored commands to stop once they arrived at the main gate. According to news reports, the two fled at that point leading the base to lockdown.

Officials said that Harris had already departed the base by the time of the incident, but reporters who were traveling with the vice president were stopped in their vans and made to wait until the scene was cleared, according to NBCNews.

It was unclear what happened to the second intruder, but reports indicate the search of the base ended after officials determined the person was no longer on the base.

“I am incredibly proud of the quick actions of our Defenders to immediately
deploy the barriers to stop last night’s stolen vehicle and then apprehend one of the individuals that had a weapon,” said Col. Tyler Schaff, the base’s installation commander for the 316th Wing. “The Defenders handled the intense situation with discipline
and calm professionalism.”

The event comes shortly after a similar incident in February, when Harris’ husband, Doug Emhoff, was hustled out of an event at a high school in Washington, D.C. after the Secret Service was informed of a bomb threat against the school.

Emhoff, a longtime Los Angeles attorney, was visiting Dunbar High School, the nation’s first high school for Black students as part of an event for Black history month when he was evacuated.

The Metropolitan Police Department’s executive assistant chief, Ashan M. Benedict, said that the call had come in around 2:15 p.m. and gave individuals ten minutes to clear the scene. Emhoff was removed just three minutes after the call, according to Benedict.

Before becoming Vice President, Harris served as U.S. Senator and Attorney General of California.