Ultra-Christians Declare Danny DeVito Cartoon a ‘Satanic Revolution’

Some on the religious right think DeVito is not a gruff-but-lovable character actor, but rather a herald of Apocalypse

Since the 1970s, national treasure Danny DeVito has made high art playing fascinating strangers, mistrusting malcontents, and a one-man tornado of insanity, among others. But what we never knew, nor could have suspected, was that the stout master craftsman was in fact in league with the ultimate evil.

DeVito’s new FXX animated sitcom, Little Demon, features the actor as the voice of Satan, who has a teen daughter with a mortal woman and is seeking custody. Considering the success DeVito and Disney-owned FX Networks have had with It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia—TV’s longest-running live action comedy series, with 15 seasons logged—the show is certainly set to conquer some portion of the cable market. Right-wing religious conservatives, however, fear it will consume much more than that.

Pat Robertson’s Christian Broadcasting Network reported on Wednesday that “faith leaders and media experts are sounding some consequential theological and practical alarms for parents and children alike” because they believe that shows like Little Demon are mere harbingers of “a Satanic Revolution” which is rapidly unfolding before our lying eyes.

“I… can’t believe that this show exists,” Mike Signorelli, senior pastor of V1 Church in New York City, told CBN’s Faithwire. “I think if we could go back 30 years… everybody would universally be shocked and appalled.”

While Signorelli may be remarkably ignorant of popular entertainment in 1992, he continued, “What happens is, things incrementally change year over year to where you can accept what you would have never accepted in a previous generation. As a Christian, I believe that the enemy is after our children. We wrestle not against flesh and blood but principalities powers and rulers in high places.”

CBN backs his claims, stating, “Signorelli isn’t exaggerating the situation, as the promotional language for ‘Little Demon’ alone showcases the disturbing themes and images embedded in the show — violence, paganism, and satanic storylines cloaked in attempted comedy.”

The cartoon’s religious opponents are particularly concerned about that pagan stuff. As CBN notes, co-star Aubrey Plaza said of the show, “I love that we are normalizing paganism. Laura is a pagan. She’s a witch. She’s jacked.”

Ted Baehr, founder of Christian entertainment website MovieGuide, told CBN, “The whole culture is in the midst of a satanic revolution—if you want to put it in those terms.” Unclear if they wanted to, but Baehr went on, “We all know that children want to watch what they’re not supposed to watch.”

The group One Million Moms also issued an “urgent warning for parents” regarding the comedy, CBN reports, contending, “Disney has taken yet another dangerous step into the darkness… Along with other Disney-associated productions such as ‘Maleficent,’ ‘Star vs. the Forces of Evil,’ and ‘The Owl House,’ this new adult cartoon series, ‘Little Demon,’ is also set in a spiritually demonic realm.”

The Moms further alerted concerned parents: “Disney is introducing viewers, including children who might stumble across this series, to a world of demons, witches, and sorcery. Along with the demonic content of this series, the minds of younger viewers will also be inundated with secular worldviews that reflect the current culture.”

By Thursday evening, OMM’s petition to FX/Disney to cancel Little Demon had garnered over 32,300 signatures.

Louisiana Rep. Mike Johnson also panicked about the show on Thursday—just in time for its fourth episode—stating, “This culture has become alarmingly dark and desensitized, and this is not a game. Disney and FX have decided to embrace and market what is clearly evil. STAY FAR FROM IT.”

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