Uber Driver Gets Cash and Karma Saving TikToker Robbed at Coachella

Becca Moore shared with 800,000 followers the heartwarming story of the Uber driver who rescued her after she was robbed at the music festival

A popular social media influencer is crediting her Uber driver for coming to her rescue after she was robbed at Coachella last weekend.

Becca Moore took to TikTok, where she has more than 800,000 followers, to share a heartwarming story about how her Uber driver went out of his way to assist her after her cell phone, wallet, and the keys to her rental car had been stolen, leaving her stranded at the Indio-based music festival. Moore was able to make it back to her hotel, where the concierge ordered her an Uber driver to take her to purchase a new phone.

That’s when she met her “angel” Uber driver, Raul Torres.

“After I got into his car, I pretended everything was fine, but he insisted on staying with me because he had an instinct that I needed help,” Moore said in the 2-minute TikTok video.

Torres then drove Moore to a police station so that she could file a report about the robbery. But when officers weren’t able to help her retrieve her belongings, Torres drove her to the Airbnb where the man who allegedly stole items was staying.

Once they had safely gathered Moore’s things, Torres treated her to margaritas at a Mexican restaurant, then helped her get a rental car so that she could drive home.

“What could’ve turned into an emergency situation felt like a fun day with a new friend because of Raul,” she said.

While they were out on the daylong adventure “playing detective,” Torres shared with Moore that he had driven more than 300 miles from Fresno to Indio to earn extra money for his 18-year-old daughter who is currently undergoing chemotherapy. Torres had also been taking care of his father who had terminal cancer before he died—just a couple of days after Torres and Moore met.

Torres’ story and willingness to help Moore without expecting anything in return inspired her to return the favor. After posting two now-viral TikTok videos of her fateful encounter with Torres, Moore made a GoFundMe page to assist Torres, which raised more than her initial $1,000 goal in just one hour. Since raising the goal amount, has also raised nearly $150,000 which will now be used to assist with funeral expenses for Torres’ father and senior high school activities for his daughter.

“So yeah, that man stole my phone, my keys, my credit cards,” Moore said at the end of one of her TikTok videos. “You know what he gave me? Friendship with Raul, so it was worth it.”

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