Two Thousand Gift Bags Intended for Senior Citizens Were Destroyed by the Downtown Fire

The Da Vinci Complex conflagration claims another victim

Along with the under-construction Da Vinci Apartment Complex, some 2,000 holiday gift bags filled with everyday essentials—blankets, slippers, and toiletries— and intended for local seniors in need were lost in Monday’s early morning blaze. The bags, which had been assembled under the Department of Aging’s Project CARE program, were being stored at the DoA, which is adjacent to the Da Vinci site, and were either melted by the heat of the fire or soaked by the building’s sprinklers. First Lady of Los Angeles Amy Elaine Wakeland is now asking Angelenos to help the city replace the goods and “spread some holiday cheer to our neighbors” by donating at Locals may have mixed feelings about the fate of developer Geoff Palmer’s controversial housing project, but we can probably all agree that seniors shouldn’t suffer any consequences. Let’s get them some goods.