Tucker Carlson is Reportedly a Mess Over Fear of Alex Jones Phone Leak

Fox News host Carlson is quite put out, apparently, over what he and his fellow conspiracy theorist may have shared in unguarded moments

Fox News “Great Replacement” theory conspiracist Tucker Carlson is worried over reports that Sandy Hook Elementary School conspiracy theorist Alex Jones had the entire contents of his cell phone accidentally sent to opposing counsel in the $150 million Texas defamation suit he lost last week.

In fact, Carlson is said to be “shitting himself,” a source “close to Fox News” tells Daily Beast Confider columnist Lachlan Cartwright.

The right wing network’s champion debater of naive college children and the Infowars madman trade text messages on a daily basis “two people familiar with their relationship,” tell Cartwright. If made public, these sources said, the text messages would be “highly embarrassing” for Carlson.

Carlson’s alleged “shitting” must have commenced last Wednesday, when a lawyer for two Sandy Hook parents suing Jones—for repeatedly stating that the December 2012 shooting massacre of 20 children and six adults was a “hoax”—revealed to Jones on the witness stand that he had received the entire contents of Jones’ phone through a mistake by Jones’ own schmuck attorney.

It’s unclear what the Fox News cadet or Jones could have texted that would cause such an emergency situation for Carlson, but the two appraise each other’s work quite highly. As Cartwright notes, Carlson gushed this out for Jones’ upcoming tome, the not-hardly-insane-sounding, The Great Reset: And the War for the World: “Maybe Alex Jones is onto something. Read this book and decide for yourself who’s crazy.”

Okay, Tucker, but we’re cautiously confident that we already know.

It’s starting to seem like losing this case—which Jones handily did last week with a combined total jury judgement against him of $49.3 million—is just the first course in a potential banquet of humiliations for Jones and some of his crew, but mainly for Jones…

Actually, nauseatingly, perhaps Jones’ wife is the one who’s heading for the most discomfort at the hands of these bumbling masters of media. A lawyer for the plaintiffs said on the Young Turks podcast Monday that the accidentally transmitted cellphone data included a nude photo of Jones’ wife. Jones concedes this on his own show. The unholy part is that the plaintiffs’ attorney contends the nude of Jones’ wife was sent to GOP fixer and all-around sinister weirdo Roger Stone, a longtime Alex Jones hero, by Jones himself.

Jones is facing two more trials in Texas from other Sandy Hook Elementary School parents.

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