Here’s Where People Will Be Protesting Trump’s Visit to L.A.

He’s in town for a $35,000-per-person fundraising dinner

President Trump arrives in Los Angeles today to attend a private fundraiser in Beverly Hills. Protestors are organizing to make themselves heard from the moment Marine One touches down.

Trump’s helicopter is scheduled to land at Santa Monica airport at around 3:30 p.m. When he arrives, he’ll encounter what’s being called an “Unwelcome Rally” at the airport’s exit. From there, he drives to the fundraiser. On the way, he might pass a second, larger demonstration planned for Beverly Gardens Park from 5 to 8 p.m.

These protests are being organized by a collection of activist groups, including California for Progress, Drain the N.R.A., La Raza Unida, Black Lives Matter Los Angeles, and others. The official theme for both events is “Trump Not Welcome Here.”

Where Trump will be welcomed is at the home of Elliot Broidy and Robin Rosenzweig, a pair of prominent Republican fundraisers who, according to the Hollywood Reporter, are at the center of a multibillion-dollar Malaysian graft scheme and have extensive business dealings with both Rick Gates and George Nader, two significant figures in Robert Mueller’s ongoing investigation.

The motorcade’s trek across town is likely to create some rolling closures and traffic, but, as SCPR reports, the president’s team has made the unusual choice to not entirely loop in LAPD and local law enforcement on their plans, so details have not been announced.

Before heading up here for the fundraiser, Trump will start his day in San Diego, where he’ll view several prototypes for his “border wall,” a project that recently became more expensive and perhaps less tenable with the administration’s institution of tariffs on steel. This marks his first official visit to California since taking office almost 14 months ago, the longest any president has avoided the state in modern history.

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