Twitter Users Blocked by President Trump Are Having a Field Day

Welcome back to the crazy train, folks!

The U.S. Second Circuit Court of Appeals declared today that it’s unconstitutional for Donald Trump to block critics on Twitter. Now, victims of his wrath are demanding their First Amendment right to return to the presidential sideshow.

Not surprisingly, it seems that journalists, educators, and other unsavory “fake news” types are the most frequent subjects of Trump’s Twitter panic.

Writer Touré and Yale economics professor Howard Forman both say they deserve a payout for their trouble.

Meanwhile, I Want to Be Your Muslim Friend podcast host Dean Obeidallah is just psyched at the prospect of regaining access to Trump’s rambling feed, welcoming the news with a rousing “GAME ON!!”

But author Molly Jong-Fast, popular anti-Trump Twitter force Tara Dublin, and TV producer Kim Sherrell all doubt that the president will obey the court and release them from social media purgatory.

Perhaps the most damning of today’s tweets comes from VoteVets, which says, “If someone could remind @realDonaldTrump that he’s still got VoteVets—the voice of over 600K veterans, military families and supporters—blocked, we’d appreciate it.”

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