The Trump Campaign Wants You to Think Stock Photo Models Are MAGA Fans

”Tracee from Florida” may not be who you think she is

It might be hard for the Trump 2020 campaign to find supporters who don’t match a certain preconceived image, so they’re not even bothering to look anymore. As Twitter news source NowThis revealed, the Trump Make America Great Committee unleashed an ad last week featuring video of a diverse group of people with voiceovers endorsing a Trump reelection. Sadly for Trump—and America—the images are all dirt-cheap stock videos of people saying nothing, and some were filmed before Trump was elected.

“Tracey From Florida” gushes, “President Trump is doing a great job. I could not ask for a better President of the United States of America.” However, “Tracey” is actually “Young woman smiling and walking at the beach” from a 2015 stock video available at a nominal price from

You can also purchase “Thomas from Washington” for the usual licensing fee, who says in the ad, “President Trump and his family and the administration are in our prayers for strength and wisdom from God almighty.” Strange, since he’s actually a nameless “Bearded and tattooed hipster coffee-shop owner.”

And “AJ from Texas” assures Trump that “While I am a lifelong Democrat, I sincerely believe that a nation must secure its borders.” But rather than that rare, wall-supporting Latino Democrat, “AJ” is just some rando “mature man portrait” of “Hispanic ethnicity.”

If all this weren’t questionable enough, these red-blooded MAGA Americans aren’t even necessarily American. Trump’s wall-lover was filmed in Brazil. The pretty beachgoer was shot in France, and that hipster who’s praying for the Trump clan to achieve almighty wisdom? The exterior of his cool coffee shop is a storefront in Tokyo.

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