Truck Seen Plowing Through Crowd of L.A. Protesters on Thursday Night

LAPD officers are reportedly trying to determine whether the driver, who appears to have struck at least one person, is actually the victim in the incident

In an incident captured on camera, a large pickup truck drove through a crowd of protesters who were marching in Hollywood on Thursday night in response to the Kentucky attorney general’s handling of the Breonna Taylor case.

According to the L.A. Times, the protesters were walking east down Sunset Boulevard when the truck, traveling west, accelerated through the crowd and, as video shows, strikes at least one protester who was flung backward by the impact. One person was taken to the hospital with minor injuries.

[Note: the video below may be disturbing to some]

The news that Kentucky would decline to charge two of the three officers participated in the no-knock raid during which 26-year-old paramedic Breonna Taylor was shot to death in her bed has ignited a fresh round of protests against police brutality across the country. Sgt. Jonathan Mattingly and Detective Myles Cosgrove, who both discharged their weapons inside Taylor’s apartment, will face no charges in the homicide; Brett Hankison, who’s since been terminated from the Louisville police force, will face three counts of wanton endangerment, none of them directly related to Taylor’s death.

No serious incidents were reported at protests Wednesday night in downtown L.A., while two incidents involving vehicles were reported last night. A freelance photo journalist who witnessed the incident involving the truck told the Times that while other vehicles had yielded to protesters, the truck appeared to have, in his opinion, “instigated the incident.”

LAPD officers stopped and questioned the driver but did not arrest them because, according to Captain Steve Lurie of the Hollywood Division, the driver claimed the protesters attacked his vehicle first.

In a second incident, a white Toyota Prius drove through a group of protesters. That driver was also stopped and questioned by police and also claimed to be the victim in the incident.

Lurie tells the Times that in both cases they’re trying to determine whether the drivers are “the suspect of a hit-and-run or the victim of an assault.”

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