These are the Top 5 Craziest Moments From Today’s Super Weird Car Chase

Los Angeles is a city known for its car chases, but this might be one of the wackiest yet

The wet weather wasn’t the only thing that caught Angelenos’ attention today. A 90-minute car chase ensued after two suspects fled Cerritos around 2 p.m., about the same time a burglary was reported, according to the Los Angeles Times. Viewers at home watched as the car travelled through the Cerritos, Hollywood, downtown, and South L.A., before ultimately ending in a residential neighborhood. Los Angeles is a city known for its car chases, but this might be one of the wackiest ones yet. Here are the top five craziest moments:

The two suspects in matching blue shirts took advantage of the slick road conditions to spin their royal blue (are we noticing a pattern?) Ford Mustang, making doughnuts on the Hollywood Boulevard overpass above the 101 Freeway. To top it off, they took some seriously illegal U-turns.

The Selfie
If you were in a car chase and didn’t take a picture, did it even happen? The duo snapped a selfie from the road, while being broadcast on live television. They continued to live it up by dancing and fist pumping throughout the chase, the Times reported.

TMZ tour-bus gets involved
The tabloid media outlet nearly had better luck than the police did, albeit by accident. A TMZ tourist bus appeared to try to block the suspect’s car on the 101, but the vehicle was able to escape. TMZ addressed the incident on their website. “The driver tells us he never saw the chase coming behind him. He was innocently changing lanes, and ended up cutting off the suspects,” TMZ said on its website.

The open convertible 
The escapees rejected any ideas that Angelenos might melt in the rain. Although the LAPD suspended their chase several times due to weather conditions, according to Timesthe suspects kept right on going with the top down on their luxury get-away vehicle.

The police taking forever 
Arriving in residential neighborhood in South L.A., the car’s driver was cheered on by onlookers shortly after as the police failed to successfully deploy a spike strip. The driver even got out of the car, sat on the hood and shook hands and hugged a group of people who seemed to be waiting for him, the Times reported. Then, after all the hullabaloo, deputies finally showed up and the men quickly surrendered.