Today Was a Particularly Bad Day to be a Member of the Big Hazard Gang


News outlets are reporting that 38 members of the Big Hazard gang were named in an indictment against the group—which operates in Boyle Heights and is allegedly tied to the Mexican Mafia—and that 25 were arrested in Operation Resident Evil (really), which is ongoing. Seven other members are reportedly already in custody, five are still being sought, and one was killed over the weekend. According to acting United States Attorney Stephanie Yonekura, the raid was a join effort between the LAPD, FBI, ATF and IRS four years in the making.

The complaints detailed in the indictment against the Big Hazard gang aren’t surprising (drug dealing, extortion, assault, and murder, among others). But the fact that the gang possibly tipped off the IRS by referring to itself as a “taxing authority,” presumably because it paid the Mexican Mafia to protect its drug business, as Erick Martinez, a special agent on the case, has implied—that’s one for the books.