Time Frame: Fox Village Theatre 63 Years Ago and Now

You might know it better as the Regency Village Theatre

Fox Village Theatre opened in 1931, two years after Westwood Village was built next to the UC system’s second-oldest campus, UCLA. The Spanish mission-style structure was remodeled in 1951, primarily to update the interior, and Fox West Coast Theatres president Charles Skouras (inset, left) presided over the relaunch celebration. For decades film exhibitors flocked to the village’s 12 square blocks; at the height of the area’s popularity in 1988, nearly 20 theaters were in business. That year a Long Beach resident was caught in the crossfire of a gang shooting, and Westwood’s crowds dwindled. Today a handful of movie houses survive, among them the Fox, which was renamed the Regency Village Theatre in 2010.